Working Towards a Clean Future


We research on clean energy technologies and transfer them into products

Bayview Science & Innovation Park is an innovative technology research and development company. We are looking at facilitating the transition from traditional energy structure to clean energy networks in Australia. 

Through participating in energy projects, Bayview Science has established a long-term collaboration with UNSW and other industrial partners in working together towards our goal for a green and zero-emission future. 



Accomplishment on our green technology research

Since established in 2018, we have played an important role in the development of virtual power plant technology and microgrid control system.

Virtual power plant technology -- the technology builds up a cloud-based distributed power plant that aggregates the distributed energy resources(DERs) for the purposes of enhancing power generation.

Microgrid control system -- in places where the power grid is under development, there is a chance to build a microgrid that mainly relies on green energy to achieve zero emission. The microgrid control system enables the integration of renewable energy, optimizes the dispatch of DERs to reduce the total cost of energy and microgrid operation, and maintains a secure and reliable power supply. 

Data analytics -- smart applications rely on advanced data analytics with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT/Cloud computing. We develop and apply algorithms including deep learning and expert system for smart applications including smart energy, smart home, and smart health. 



People who collaborate with us

Bayview Science has collaboration with FutureX and Everreach Power over a Virtual Power Plant project, which is progressing towards commercialization. We are also involved in long-term collaboration with UNSW, aiming to gain research skills to facilitate the growth of the company.